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Have some sports memorabilia?
Display and preserve your memories in a shadow box frame. We can help you create excellent designs for those race medals, autographed collector cards, baseballs, and jerseys so you can hang them up on your wall and show them off with pride.
Here are some examples of sports memorabilia we have framed:

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Boston Marathon 2011

This frame was created with 2011's race colors, black and green. The photos and "boston with swagger" were taken from the race poster and the medal, race #, and plaque are set into a shadow box in the center of the mat.


Phillies Memorabilia

This 4 1/2" deep shadow box was created to display a baseball given to the customers son from a game, a photo from the game, a ticket stub and a signed baseball card. The baseball is mounted and floating on blue suede, while the photo is set in on the bottom of the shadow box at an angle to give the piece depth.

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Detail View of Shadow Box

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Boston Marathon 2013
This frame was created using the 2013's poster for the "boston" title. The photo, medal and race # are set into a shadow box.
Boston Marathon 2012
This frame was created using the 2012's race poster for the backdrop. The medal and 26.2 sticker are set into a shadow box with the marathon race completion certificate in a window at the bottom.

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