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Have a young Picasso in the house?

Preserve those memories and get your child's masterpiece up on the wall for all of your friends and family to see. We have some great, inexpensive ideas on how to really make your child's artwork pop and look great in a custom picture frame!

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Kids Framed Artwork

This is a simple black frame with a double mat. The customer wanted a gallery style mat so they could switch their childs' art in and out of the frame.


Decoupage Collage

This decoupage art was made by a mother and her children to display moments in time and things the kids would say. By framing it and hanging the art on the wall, they could always reflect upon and remember those prescious times.

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Photo and Scrapbook Collage
This collage was floated on a rich blue mat and framed in a distressed steel-like wood frame with conservation glass and spacers. It is designed to be hung diagonally.